Boston's Best Classic Whoopie Pies - For Free!

Image courtesy of Boston Magazine and 

Now, you know I love whoopie pies.  I love bringing out of town guests to Finale Desserterie and Bakery so they can sample the Boston Cream Pie.  However, the best part is introducing them to the whoopie pies and watching the ensuing "whoopie fight."  The guest is always skeptical of whoopies at first.  Amid their "what's a whoopie?" protestations I advise them to trust me and try them; if they don't like the whoopies I will always take them.  Alas, it never gets that far because once the guest tries one, and especially if there are multiple guests, the whoopie fight ensues to see who can get as many as possible.

But now that Finale's whoopie pies have won Boston Magazine's "Best of Boston Classic" there will be no fighting because everyone can have them!  I am so excited that Finale is celebrating by giving a free whoopie pie with every lunch and dinner order.  Or if you visit the bakery case and you can buy 3 whoopie pies and the 4th one is free (offers valid 8/3-8/10).  Congrats to Finale, and hurry in and enjoy!


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