Nostalgia Eating

There's a great post on nostalgia eating over at The Awl called "Hamburger Helper and the Entropic Degradation of All Things."  Writer Brent Cox beautifully describes his nostalgic love for eating Hamburger Helper and also his disappointment and thoughts about how the product may have changed over the years.  Yet he still buys it as an adult, trying to recapture his childhood experiences.

It's a well written piece that you should definitely check out.  Some of the comments are literally LOL funny, others touch upon their own food nostalgia triggers.  It got me thinking about mine too.  For me, I spent most afternoons when I got home from high school cooking up my Swanson's fried chicken dinner. And yes, on occasion I will still buy them!  I think they still taste exactly the same...and I still eat the chocolate brownie first.  Don't you?  :)

What is your food nostalgia?


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