Cake Decorating at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Not long ago, I was fortunate to attend a cake decorating class with pastry chef Lisa Raffael of Delicious Desserts at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.  It was a very generous birthday gift that I will always cherish.  I highly recommend the class and the teacher, who let me walk out of the class with a gorgeous cake and skills I felt I could repeat afterwards!

Here are some scenes:

Julia Child's photo on the wall, although I was unable to track down a distinct connection between the school and Julia Child other than this picture:

Scenes from a creative process:

Here are some photos of the cake that I decorated.  If you follow me on Twitter, you might recognize some of these images:

A creation from one of my classmates, isn't it beautiful?

Ever-so-delicately packing our cakes to take home:


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