Tip of the Day: Reheating Bagels at Home

(Image courtesy of ma_shimaro // CC 2.0)

When reheating bagels at home, whether you've stored your stash in the freezer, the fridge, or the breadbox, always spritz them with some water first. I have a small water spray bottle I keep in the kitchen for this exact purpose (okay, and to help discipline the cats, i.e., "Mr. Bigglesworth get OFF the table! SQUIRT").

Since bagels are first cooked by boiling, heating them up this way helps them retain or even regain lost moisture.  It also helps bring back that crisp texture that is so satisfying to bite into.  It's almost crazy that such a simple step can make sure a big difference in taste and texture but it's a tip I learned many moons ago working in food prep.

In terms of where to get yummy bagels locally, you may recall our previous discussions.  I've been working from home a lot lately so I've been enjoying Ray's New York Bagels quite a bit, especially when it is a pain to find time to get to Harvest Co-op before they run out of their awesome, fresh bagels. Enjoy!


Dr. Pete said…
Just a variation on the theme, but I found that wetting a paper towel, wringing it out, and wrapping the bagel in it while cooking also works. Nothing worse than a microwaved bagel that goes from extra-chewy to rock-hard in three bites.
Karen Zgoda said…
What a great idea, will have to try that. Thanks!
Unknown said…
You don't say if you reheat in microwave or oven. What's the best method?
Karen Zgoda said…
Good question Kim. The only time I put a bagel in the microwave is to defrost it after it has been in the freezer, and then only microwave it for 15 seconds. I always toast in the toaster oven because I like my bagel to have a crisp crust. This method gives a great, crisp crust and yet leaves the inside of the bagel satisfyingly chewy. Yum!

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