I Scream, You Scream, Gimme Gimme Ice Cream

It's hot and not in a Paris Hilton way. Which is good. :)

Before hunkering down in a pile of work this evening, it seemed like the perfect night to go out and get some ice cream. Like treat-myself, no-practical-ice-cream-from-the-carton ice cream, especially since my freezer is completely full and needs to be cleaned out. But where to get ice cream in town, good ice cream, after 9pm on a Monday night?

Being the "fussy eater," I began my quest in search of soft serve ice cream. I'm originally from Buffalo, New York and was hoping to find something nearby that was like the frozen custard I grew up with. If you've ever had it you know what I am talking about! Frozen custard is the creamiest ice cream and has a distinct flavor from regular soft serve ice cream. The only place I have found anything remotely like frozen custard locally is the soft serve ice cream from Kell's Kreme. Kell's Kreme is located a few doors down from the infamous Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere Beach. Unfortunately they were closed by the time I got there which I guessed would be the case. They are open until 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends. It was noteworthy that even at that late hour, the Revere Beach strip was hopping. The Line at Kelly's had at least 20 people. Not to mention about 10 degrees cooler near the ocean than in Brighton - people don't forget the local beaches this summer!

On the way back from Revere Beach, I was trying to decide between stopping at Herrell's Ice Cream in Allston or JP Licks in Coolidge Corner. Normally I'd dovetail to Herrell's but am trying to watch the calories these days a little and knew I would not be able to resist their Chocolate Pudding ice cream with their *amazing* hot fudge and homemade whipped cream. I also persuaded myself that if I went to JP Licks I could get some freshly roasted coffee for the AM work shift. All work and no good coffee makes me a grumptastic employee, after all.

I've been hanging around in Coolidge Corner a lot lately and it is my current fantasy-neighborhood-to-live-in-someday-post-graduation. So much to do and see! So it was no surprise that I ended my journey here, especially since it gave me an excuse to blog about their homemade espresso bark. But I'll get to that in a minute.

Open until midnight, I walked into JP Licks and was blasted with one of my favorite albums of all time playing, The Ramones - Mania, and was instantly transported back to high school. In fact, their song Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment is still in my head as I blog tonight (boy do I miss The Ramones). When I mentioned how much I loved the album to the young man behind the counter, he got all excited and mentioned that they had also just played Queen. Which I found endearingly sweet. This seemed to be the night to finally try their Death by Peanut Butter ice cream sundae, albeit the small size. The sundae had yummy peanut butter ice cream, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and peanut butter sauce. I also added a small amount of hot fudge. YUM.

The AC wasn't working properly tonight so they were out of their homemade espresso bark, but let me tell you about the last time I had it. The homemade espresso bark is simply pieces of waffle cones, covered in chocolate, and has tiny nibs of espresso grounds. It can be found next to the cash registers.

Normally the tiny espresso nibs would sound gross, after all who wants to choke on and try to swallow espresso grounds, but trust me, this bark does not bite. It's an amazing snack - just enough chocolate to make you feel satisfied, just enough of a satisfying crunch from the waffle cone, and just enough of an espresso taste to enjoy a slight, coffee aftertaste. Ah, double yum!

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