The Controversy over Cupcakes

I read this article in the New York Times this morning:

Don’t Even Think of Touching That Cupcake

Anyone else out there besides me think some folks have too much time on their hands? I mean, what gives? While not trying to underscore those who have serious health issues and really need to watch their diets, I think there is something wrong when PTA meetings are galvanized around cupcakes rather than education. Remind me to finally track down one of those "I eat Carbs" T-shirts, apparently the time has come to rebel in a public way. Have we really come to that place?

And besides, these are just cupcakes folks. Or as a blogger comments at the end of the article, “You people need to go back to the suburbs ... Seriously, bunch of grown up New York City residents obsessing over a cupcake shop. I miss the gunfire and crackheads.”


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