Time to Eat the Doughnuts, Part II

While doing an image search for "Dunkin Donuts" I came across this picture found here. This image definitely comes to mind when thinking about the Dunkin Donuts Glazed Chocolate Cake Stick, or chocolate stick, doughnut. If you're heading into Dunkin for your caffeine fix (have you tried the Vanilla Spice iced coffee yet? Yum!) I highly recommend this doughnut. The chocolate stick has a perfectly satisfying crust, yes dear reader a doughnut crust, coated with a sugary glaze and a soft, chocolatey inside. This makes for a surprisingly complex mouth feel as the glaze melts in your mouth. Better yet, it is huge. It wins my vote for quickie $.75 chocolate fix. Safe to assume you can find the elusive Dunkin Donuts in a neighborhood near you? :)


Pam said…
A girl after my own heart! The chocolate stick is definitely the way to go.

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