Snowman Cupcakes, Get 'Em While They're Hot

Q: What's the perfect snack on a cold New England night?

A: A snowman cupcake!

Given that we probably won't get more than 5 inches of snow this whole season (what gives??), a snowman cupcake may also be your best bet to savor the white stuff. On the advice of a co-worker, I headed over to Party Favors in Brookline to try their cupcakes. Party Favors is located just on the other side of Coolidge Corner on Beacon St. I always thought that a party supply store would be an odd choice for baked goods. However, once I stepped inside Party Favors, I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. The first room is a combined bakery and candy shop with the scent of sweetness filling the air. Apparently there is at least one other room with party favors and the like but I never made it there. I was captivated by this tray of snowman cupcakes. What a clever idea! There were racks of cakes and pies and other cupcakes. After deciding on a snowman cupcake, I also picked up a Key Lime cupcake.

Let me just say that both cupcakes were excellent! The frosting alone was worth the purchase, perfectly sweet and sugary. The Key Lime cupcake had a wonderful lime filling inside and for some reason, tasted better leftover. Treat yourself to one today!

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Lisa Johnson said…
I love your blog! I just found it. I have a serious sweet tooth too!

I've been meaning to head over to Party Favors, but keep forgetting. Next time I'm in Coolidge Corner, I have to remember to get a cupcake!
Karen Zgoda said…
Thank you for your kind words Anali! :)

How did you find my blog?

If you've got a sweet tooth too I'd love to know other food blogs you read or bakeries you would recommend. I'm always looking for ideas!
Lisa Johnson said…
Your post on sweetbread is listed on Universal Hub. Here is a link.

If you look at my blog, I have a bunch of links under "Food Porn" which lists my favorite food blogs. I also cook a lot and have recipes, etc. I hope you stop by! : )
Maxim said…
Yeah, Party Favors has the best cupcakes, birthday cakes, and wedding cakes (our guests agreed!) around.

Max, of The Dessert Blog.
Karen Zgoda said…
Anali - Thanks for the link! I love your blog too. Anyone who has a "food porn" section is my kind of person! How does one get added... ;) Let me know when the next extreme baking competition is!

Max - Thanks for your comment! I'm off to check out your blog. :)

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