It's January??

Not that one could tell by the weather in these parts. Here in Boston we broke the record for the warmest December. Last Saturday it was an unbelievable 69 degrees. Meanwhile I'm about to head to San Francisco for the Society for Social Work and Research conference and it is supposed to snow there this weekend. Paging Al Gore perhaps?

With any luck I will explore the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory. Scharffen Berger is my absolute favorite brand of chocolate. I randomly picked up one of their chocolate bars on a visit to Trader Joe's and have been in love ever since. In fact, I was telling this to a friend tonight at Trader Joe's when a store clerk walked by. He overheard our conversation, promptly grabbed a Scharffen Berger dark chocolate bar, and invited us over to the food sample booth so he could chop it up for us all to enjoy. Talk about growing a loyal customer!

Soon I'll post about some baked goods during a trip to NYC to see a live taping of the Daily Show on election night.


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