Hoffa Cupcakes Anyone?

From today's New York Times:

"The most popular items on the menu at the Milford Baking Company these days are the 95-cent "Hoffa cupcakes" featuring a green plastic hand reaching up through chocolate icing and candy sprinkles designed to resemble dirt . . . A week of digging by investigators at the Hidden Dreams Farm outside town has turned up no evidence of the remains of the former Teamster boss James R. Hoffa, but it has unearthed a cavalcade of colorful characters and stirred a morbid sense of humor in residents of this village of 6,300 people.

"All the extra buzz around Milford has been a lot of fun," Ms. Watson said Tuesday. The city's chief of police evidently agreed, buying a half-dozen cupcakes to take to F.B.I. agents as an afternoon snack."


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