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The Best Coffee in Every State 2019

"Coffee Morning Curve #ds438" by Brendan C is licensed under CC BY 2.0 I so need coffee right now. Food and Wine magazine recently published a truly researched article identifying their picks for the best coffee in every state . Here's an excerpt: But there was this brand new coffee bar that I apparently just had to see, and so I went, expecting nothing. The town was already full of coffee shops, and they were all pretty bad—new, old, didn't matter. Should this one be any different? Well, it was. Inside, under the kind of careful lighting that makes everybody look better, behind the kind of bar you just want to run your fingers over, until somebody shouts at you to stop being weird, there was this group of very friendly people, studiously attentive to their work, turning out perfect cortados and lattes and the like, to the quiet delight of a standing room-only crowd. After a year of intense travel, from Florida to the Midwest to small towns in Texas, throu

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