Monday, December 28, 2015

Nutella Pizza at MAST' is as Good as it Sounds

I recently had the pleasure of eating at MAST', a truly authentic Southern Italian restaurant located near Park Street.

Everything required to make the most authentic Neapolitan pizza is imported from Italy, from the flour to the tomatoes to the hundred-year-old oven to the cooks themselves!

One of the helpful waitstaff, Tessa, created this video to show you the chef in pizza-making action:

I sampled a variety of pizzas for lunch. Because the oven is so hot, the pizza cooks in the oven for less then 1 minute. If you have not had traditional Neapolitan wood-fired pizza before, the pizza dough itself is likely different than what you might expect. It has a complex flavor and rich, chewy texture and is so delicious it encourages eating slice after slice. All I'm saying is plan your carbs that day accordingly because you will want to indulge.

Here is the Margherita pizza with San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, basil, and olive oil:

Here is the Zucca pizza with pumpkin squash creme, fior di latte, and spezia, which takes advantage of the pumpkin flavor. No lame pumpkin spice here!

Here is the Capriciosa with artichoke hearts, Prosciutto cotto ham, olives, fior di latte, and San Marzano tomatoes. 

Here is the best part of MAST' - NUTELLA. Here is their Nutella wall:

The Nutella pizza, which is so good that upon tasting, you start trying to figure out ways to hoard it from others: 

Here are photos of the owners. Thank you for the fantastic lunch!

** Editor's note: lunch was provided by MAST'

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Live Candy Cane Making Demo at Tuck's Candy Shop

Last week I had the pleasure of checking out one of my favorite holiday traditions - the candy cane making demonstration at Tuck's Candy Shop! Located about an hour's drive north of Boston (and accessible by commuter rail with a short walk), Rockport is on the tip of Cape Ann, Massachusetts.  You have likely seen the most famous image from town, referred to as Motif No. 1, in Bearskin Neck wharf because it is photographed so often:

Although one might think of it as a summer destination to visit the beach and cute shops, it is fun to walk around even this time of year. Many shops are still open and the temperature is unseasonably warm. Being so close to the water will make you crave seafood but be aware that everyone else will have the same thought and plan your lunch or dinner table-waiting accordingly.

I was super excited to revisit Tuck's. I hadn't been there in years and was excited to go there!

Here is the candy-making demonstration schedule:

Here is an overview of the entire process with feedback from the candy makers. The taller gentleman mentioned that he is a third generation candy maker:

The curving and setting of the candy canes:

I believe the last demonstration of the season will be on December 20. Have fun!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Checking In

I wanted to post a brief update to those who may have noticed there have not been many posts lately. About a year ago, I had some unexpected changes that had some major ramifications for my career, significantly cutting down resources like time to check out dessert places and money to sample menus. I'm slowly working my way out of the quagmire and rebuilding.

I've been writing for this blog for over 10 years. We're older than social media - HUZZAH! I didn't realize it when I started, but writing for this long would mean watching good places open and close, replaced by something else that also opens and closes. I was ignorant of the life cycle and challenges involved in keeping restaurants afloat. When Hamersly's closed I was doubly sad because even though it was my favorite Boston restaurant, I could not afford to have one last meal there. Hamersly's was accessible elegance, like walking into Bergdorf's but you could actually take something home with you. Everything about it was perfection; the service, the decor, the view, the location, the feeling of contentment as you sat and drank in the entire experience. After learning Hungry Mother was closing, I started to reflect on these places that stay, evolve, or disappear. Even though it would always be outside my price range, I wanted to check them out and enjoy the experience. Most of my food adventures these days come from being close to my second (retail) job. It's weird to think about Hungry Mother. I remember when it wasn't there. I remember when it was the talk of the town, and given their success, they probably still are and the chefs always will be. I remember chef Jay Santos serving as a guest speaker at a Boston Center of Adult Education class on Food Writing when he was on Hell's Kitchen. I went to Gargoyle's on the Square soon after with a dear old friend who passed away soon afterwards, and that memory is precious. I remember Anthony's Pier 1 and relished the classiness of the place, the sense of old school Boston permeating throughout, and that exquisite view of Boston harbor.
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I suppose openings and closings, old expectations and new realities, are always in flux. I'm old enough to know this is not new, and yet, each decade brings new challenges that starts the cycle up in new and unanticipated ways. All of which in typical long-winded blogger-speak means I'm still here and working on this blog. As always, when I find a place my budget can afford and time to go there, if the dessert is something you should try you will find it written up here. If there is a place you recommend hit me up!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Sweet news in Chestnut Hill: Rosie's remains open

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YAYYYYY. "Although the original Rosie's Bakery in Inman Square shut for good this weekend, the Chestnut Hill Rosie's - and the stand in South Station - remain open, co-owner Judy Rosenberg reports. A note about the closing that was posted in Chestnut Hill did not make it clear it applied only to the Inman Square shop."

Read the full story here:
Sweet news in Chestnut Hill: Rosie's remains open | Universal Hub

Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Top 15 Posts of 2014

Thank you as always for being a fan, for visiting, and for loving dessert as much as I do! This blog has always been a labor of love and while it has been a year of transition for me, writing here has always been a fun escape and provided much solace and comfort during the craziness.

Also, did you know that THIS BLOG IS 10 YEARS OLD? Is it possible for a blog to apply for AARP membership?? We'll be celebrating this year by revisiting some favorite places and checking out new ones. More to come!

For now, back to dessert. You voted with your visits!

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Here are the most popular posts of 2014:
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  2. Robin's Candy Shop, aka Willy Wonka for Adults
  3. The Exquisite Chocolate Sediment - Trader Joe's Peppermint Hot Cocoa
  4. Nashoba Brook Bakery, Or One More Reason This City Mouse Needs to Visit the Country Mouse More Often
  5. Cupcake Camp Boston 2012 Aftermath - Stretchy Pants Edition
  6. Fly to When Pigs Fly Bakery
  7. Lasting DNC Legacy? John Kerry's Chocolate Chip Cookies
  8. Cupcakes Competing for Your Taste Buds
  9. Portuguese Sweet Bread Has Arrived in Brighton
  10. Greyston Bakery Makes Brownies to Hire People - Over 25,000 Lbs. Each Day
  11. Cakes Throughout U.S. History [INFOGRAPHIC]
  12. The Cinnamon Rice Pudding at Anna's Taqueria
  13. Comfort Food with Stephen Colbert and Jamie Oliver
  14. Bakes For Breast Cancer Holds First Annual #OfficeBakeSale
  15. What a Munchkin Aspires to: Sweet Potato Doughnuts at Bostonia Public House

And, for old time's sake, I wish Stephen Colbert all the best on his new ventures. Somehow your show also had plenty of fun cooking and food moments and I was so happy to post the clips so everyone could enjoy. I'll miss your show dreadfully but look forward to seeing you back on tv later this year! Here's one of my favorite clips:

Best of The Colbert Report - Video Clips - The Colbert Report | Comedy Central:
Stephen heads to the kitchen with Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda in a "Kiss the Cook" apron.